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Since 2009 Agile Search has been helping companies in the IT sector achieve their growth goals.

We are a fun-loving team with an agile mindset.
Our work is guided by the core belief that the best results are gained through mutual respect and honesty.

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We work hand in hand with your company to help you succeed with your IT/Tech Recruitment. We are able to move the processes forward in the best way and act as first-line support for all your hiring needs.

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We are all challenged to keep pace with today’s fast-moving IT landscape. If you need to increase the workforce in your IT team, we will provide you with some of the best IT experts who are ready to tackle your projects with a custom solution.

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The industry experts feedback


Manager, ApoEx

"I would recommend Agile Search, they deliver good candidates and they have professionalism throughout the whole process".


TA Lead, Hedvig

"AS recruits the right people with the right knowledge by using the best digital tools and tech solutions. They are well equipped to deliver quality. Amazing quality!"


CPO, Enfuce

"Without Agile Search’s help, this wouldn’t have been possible. We first chose Agile Search based on my previous experience of them, and haven’t been disappointed since."


Manager, Telenor

"With your help to set up the process and make it digital, it became very smooth. We did not have that experience before and it is something we can learn from."

We get you on top of the game in acquiring difficult-to-find talents. 

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We are Agile

We implement agile methods that make us faster and allow us to continuously improve our recruitment process.


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Since 2009 Agile Search has been helping companies in the Digital and IT sectors find top tech talents.

We are fast

We promise engagement and passion.

(That is what we all need to succeed)

Agile Search matches experts with the most exciting opportunities in attractive companies.

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Android Developer


iOS Developer

Data Analytics Engineer


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