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From NYC to Stockholm

From NYC to Stockholm

Growing up in the suburbs, about 100 km from Manhattan, I have a shared appreciation for cities and nature. My family spent most of our free time going on trips in the great outdoors. Later, as I grew up, cities began to attract me. The innovation, diversity, and opportunities in cities create an environment that allows us to learn more about ourselves and the world.



Days in NYC


After deciding to position myself on the extreme side of the rural-urban spectrum I moved to the concrete jungle with my Swedish girlfriend. I started out by moving into her four-bedroom apartment with other roommates in Brooklyn. The small living spaces did not bother me. You tend to only sleep in your apartment since you always are on the run, working, or meeting people. The events you attend as well as the people you meet and work with help you to grow in incredible ways.


While we were having the time of our lives doing so many things in the little world of New York City we were also often working on the weekends and not taking enough time off to disconnect from the city by heading out into the relaxing forest.


Although we were having a great time living in Brooklyn, planning trips together were difficult due to the complexity of the city, as well as our work and life situation. So last year, we decided to move back to my girlfriends home country of Sweden.



A New Journey in STHLM


Since moving to Stockholm in December, I have continued to embrace the many attributes that attract us to cities. Stockholm is a leading city in Europe for Tech and innovation, and therefore, I started getting involved in the exciting industry. There are always new startups and business ideas in Stockholm. Similarly, there are plenty of meetups to do continue to learn and do the things you love back home.




I would recommend some of my favourite events. One of the most popular meetups is the STHLM Tech meetup, which is the largest monthly startup event in Europe.


Also  Stockholm Employer Branding & HR Meetup , the atmosphere is niche but vibrant. Last time the topic was around creative employer branding and I spent a great after work time with my colleagues and other industry professionals.


Meetups are the great ways to fuel your enthusiasm. At these social events, you can find out about the latest technologies and listen to the leaders making the most out of the trends.  Here’re more tech events in the city


Creative Employer Branding Solutions
Creative Employer Branding Solutions


Nature in the City


Meanwhile, as a simple person, I greatly appreciate that I can also make a short escape from the quiet city to a silent nature preserve. I have continued to trail run, swim, workout on outdoor gyms, and have also started to cross-country ski.


The environment is important to Swedes because you are never too far from nature in Stockholm. I enjoy heading to the open-air gyms in the forests and then going for a swim in the rivers. It is great that many of Stockholm coworkers, from Sweden and abroad, share an appreciation for health, fitness, and the great outdoors.


Spending most of my childhood in the suburbs, I find that Stockholm fits me. The city leads in innovation for both the digital and environmental movements. At the same time, the city is designed for people. The ratio of outdoor activities, city, meetups, and water in Stockholm creates a healthy medium for people to relax and strive in.


You can read more on this topic in the Agile Search International Recruitment report


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