How to Get Started in Tech Recruitment

Do you know what C++, CI/CD or NoSQL means? Not everyone (or every recruiter) does, which is why tech recruitment can seem overwhelming when you’re just starting out. If you’re new to tech recruitment, don’t worry, we’ve written down some pointers to get you started. 


Tech recruitment is it’s own world for sure! If you already know it isn’t for you, skip the list and consult one of our awesome tech recruiters! 


Consult a tech recruiter!



Don’t get intimidated by tech terms


Rule number one: don’t get scared of tech jargon, because working in tech recruitment you’re going to be learning a lot of it. Before tackling all the tech abbreviations there is to memorize, a good place to start is to understand the different industry sectors. There is a massive difference is the company you’re recruiting to a software company or a product based company, because it will affect skills required of potential candidates. Understand the difference and then it’s easier to focus on the technology details of the position. 


Understand the tech talents skill level


Remember you’re a recruiter not a developer, which means that you don’t have to know everything your candidates know about every single technical term, however you do have to understand their skill level. Ask them about different projects they might have worked on and compare them to your company’s or clients projects. If they’re similar, you already have a better understanding of how the candidates skills might match. 


International recruitment is on the rise


Finding a suitable candidate for a challenging tech role can be difficult, but luckily tech experts aren’t browsing job opportunities only locally. Candidates are more flexible than ever to explore relocation opportunities. So take your sourcing efforts international! Read more about international recruitment from our Guide to International Recruitment in the Nordics. 


Tech recruitment is not all about tech 


Even though understanding technical terms is important, there is more to know about a candidate than the list of softwares in their CV.  Ask them what kind of environment they’re used to and what they appreciate in a company. Your job is to match this person to the company. Understanding if they’re a match based on other factors than a list on technical terms is just as important. 


You also don’t need to do tech recruitment by yourself. We at Agile Search are experts in tech recruitment, ask for a tech recruiters consultation today