How to Use Social Media to Find a Job


Social media is a really powerful tool nowadays. You can find absolutely anything there, including your new job! Almost every company has Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account. Through these channels the companies are trying to communicate with their customers, advertise the product and services, and also promote their career opportunities.


Like and Follow Companies, that You Would Like to Work for


So, if you are looking for a new step in your career, social media is the tool, that definitely will help you in it. Firstly I would suggest you to “like” Facebook pages of the companies, that you would like to work for, as well as recruiting companies’ pages, that advertise a lot of positions per day. Same you could do in Twitter and LinkedIn, the only difference is that you “follow” these companies there. Another useful step would be to join different groups for people who are searching for a job in Facebook and LinkedIn.


How to Use Social Media to Find a Job


Make Sure Everyone Knows that You Are Looking for New Challenges


Once, you have “liked” and “followed” all the companies and “joined” different groups, you should tell everyone that you are looking for new challenges. LinkedIn in this case is the most powerful tool, in my opinion. Many HR managers and recruiting companies are using LinkedIn to find a new talent. So, if you mention in the title, that you are seeking new opportunities, then your chances of getting noticed are much higher.


An important thing to mention, please, make sure that your contact information is visible in your page. At least few times I saw great-skilled candidates, open for a new challenges, but their contact information wasn’t mentioned anywhere. Of course, it’s possible to send a message through LinkedIn, but it takes time, first you have to connect with the person, then send a message and then wait. While, if all information is easily find in for example summary of your profile, the HR manager or recruiter could call you the same day.


Network with Your Friends


In Facebook it is usually much easier to connect with friends or colleagues, and also people in your Facebook friend’s list will be more helpful in your job search, than in other social media channels. So, don’t be afraid to talk and network with your friends, they might know someone who could be a potential employer or they could provide you with valuable information.


And last, but not least be active in all these social media channels. Start the discussions in LinkedIn groups, post in Facebook groups information about you, this way you will make yourself visible and noticeable for potential employers. Good way to expand your network is by going to different events. Some tips for that can be found here


Written by Natalia