The Advantage of a Constant State of Learning


Why should you stay in constant state of learning throughout your life? It’s a simple reason in the end. The world is changing at an increasing rate all the time as they introduce new technologies and forms of communication. A few years ago smartphones were rare and now pretty much everyone has them and the next breakthrough is coming with the Internet of Things. IoT means that everything in your life will be connected to the internet, all the devices in your home.


Who really knows what is coming next and we just have to adapt and learn to use these new things to the best of our abilities unless we want to fall off the wagon. Be it in our spare time or at work. The moment you stop learning you fall behind in the eyes of the world and youth. You don’t have an advantage in your career anymore compared to others and you get stuck in one place. To advance in your career you can never stop learning new things about the industry. Industries like marketing that weren’t that much affected by technology before are now relying on different analytics to provide the best return on investment.



Learning is crucial for the brain as well to keep it alert and open for new wonders in the world. It’s like a muscle which you exercise and by stopping learning you stop exercising it. It gets out of shape and the harder it gets to get back on the learning wagon.


My advice for you is to find an interest or something you’re passionate about and study it. Learn as much as you can about it and a whole new world can open up to you through it. Only this way you can keep up with the world and maybe even predict a little where it is heading. Maybe even see a business idea which no one else has thought of before.


The world is changing. Are you following or being on the frontlines?