Recruitment Channels Where the Best Talent is Hiding

While social media channels contain lots of information of their users and Google can find practically anyone, it can be very difficult to find a perfect candidate for your open position. There are tools that can help – for example, in LinkedIn you can search for people just by listing the required skills – but as some of these channels are still quite new, many great candidates might be left out of the results, if they have not included every single detail of their career on their profile. Some might do it on purpose to protect their privacy, others don’t care enough or don’t know how to fill in their profile.


Especially in Finland, where the talent pool is quite limited when compared to the needs of the tech companies, it can be very difficult to find the best talents for your positions. After you have tried LinkedIn, career pages and other easy solutions and still lack good candidates, where should you look from?



Think Out of the Box or Run Out of Candidates


Try the less obvious channels. There are many hubs and forums that collect together the talents of IT industry. Some of them have very wide databases, but as they may not be as well-known as LinkedIn and other ”mainstream” channels, you might do some great finds.


Here are a few tips where to start looking:


GitHub hosts one of the largest collections of open source software, meaning that it attracts lots of tech talent. The members can create their own projects and what is a better way to see what people can offer than browsing through their own ideas and work? GitHub reports having more than 14 million users globally – it is the largest host of open source code in the world. From those 14 million, you should be able to find some good matches, especially if you don’t expect native Finnish or Swedish. I think it is time to realize that especially in Finland, we are running out of talent, if didn’t already.


Recruitment Channels Where the Best Talent is Hiding


Stack Overflow is another big one, a community of 4.7 million programmers. It is meant to be a discussion forum for programmers, but also a recruitment page. As the community is only for programmers, it can be a very effective site for your job ad, as it will reach only people who are in the correct field, possibly looking for new challenges.



What Are Your Priorities?


Lastly – if you still are struggling to find candidates whose skills match your requirements, step back and look at your job ad. Are all the requirements listed priorities? Often, the most skilled candidates are able to adapt to different technologies and languages. Think about it –  if you found a candidate who would fit your team perfectly but would lack one of your requirements, would you pass him without interviewing?  What if he would be able to learn it in a month? – it might be a good decision to interview him, as he could be a very valuable employee in the future.


Many companies today believe that finding the right personality is more important than finding the correct skill set – people can always learn, but it is difficult to change one’s personality. Also, we often meet candidates that do not come up in searches because their profiles are not updated, but actually have a wide skill set. Make sure to change the keywords you use every now and then, just to make sure you do not miss any great people.