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Your Resolutions Don’t Include a New Job? They Should!

Your Resolutions Don’t Include a New Job? They Should!


With a new year come New Year’s resolutions: getting fit, eating healthy, travelling more, etc. The list goes on and on. Besides resolutions, though, the beginning of the year is a good time to start looking for new challenges in the job market. Here are a few reasons why.


You’re Chock-Full of Motivation


All those New Year’s resolutions you made (and all the bubbly you drank) a few days ago have gotten you thinking about how to improve yourself. What better time to really focus on where you want to go professionally.


Half the time you spend awake is spent at work, so making sure you’re bettering yourself during that time is a huge step towards self-improvement, and leading a more fulfilling life. Especially if you’ve spent the last days of your holidays dreading the inevitable return to work, this is the perfect time to grab the bull by the horns and change something for the better.


Those Damn Millennials Are Doing It


The current largest generation represented in the workforce is the Millennial generation, and it’s only getting bigger, with 2017 (quite obviously) showing the largest numbers of Millennials to date.


There are also plenty of studies to support the fact that Millennials are more trigger happy when it comes to changing jobs than their parents or grandparents – around half of working Millennials are likely to change jobs after 1-3 years.


The sum of the parts is that there’s more job hopping going around than ever before. That also means that there are more openings coming up with people changing their jobs, openings for you to fill and find a new dream job. If all that isn’t enough, it’s also more morally and socially acceptable than ever to change your job, so don’t be afraid to take the plunge! There are plenty of studies and articles out there on this, and on this link you can find one example.


The Boomers and Gen X’ers Aren’t Doing It


Although similar to the previous point, this is more of a boost to us Millennials (or anyone else who’s ready to change with the world).


The job market is changing constantly, and there’s no stopping it; why not, then, make the most of it! There are still lots and lots of people who aren’t taking advantage of the changing job market and the advantages of job hopping, meaning there’s a lot of opportunity to jump on board and make the most of it. No matter what generation you are, accepting the reality of change will get you far.


With my vast experience in surfing – as in I’ve tried it once – I feel confident enough to use a surfing analogy: trying to stick to old ways of working and the old ways of the job market is like paddling out towards the waves. It’s tiring, and eventually you’ll have to turn back and at least try to ride the wave, or get pulled out too far and die at sea (in the figurative sense). If you’ve been paddling until now, why not try going with the waves for a change?


Think Inside The Box


Oh, by the way, changing jobs doesn’t necessarily mean going to a whole new company. You can also change your job within your organization. Companies that are modern enough should offer opportunities to try new things and change to a new position every so often.


This can give you the chance keep the nice things you already have in your job, and add on some extra sparkle. You should be treating this kind of a change similarly to going to a different organization though, so don’t expect to jump around every couple of months.


If you’re truly happy where you are now, and/or have plenty of opportunities to grow in your current organization, I couldn’t be happier for you! If, however, you might want to see what else is out there, feel free to check out the open positions we’re working with here.


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