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Breakfast Edition: Inbound Marketing

Breakfast Edition: Inbound Marketing

What are the actual, real life pain points of inbound marketing? The theory of inbound has been discussed over and over during the past years, but is anyone actually following it? We were about to find out.

Thanks for the attendees! 

A couple of weeks ago we organized our third breakfast event, this time about inbound marketing. In comparison to the previous topics – different aspects of employer branding – this was actually rather new to us, too. We’ve been planning our marketing following the inbound methodology for quite some time now, and it’s been working well for us, and we knew companies that use it as well, but the extent and results were a mystery.

As you can probably guess, we were thrilled to hear about the experiences the other attendees of the event have had. Some of them had been using inbound longer than us, some were planning to start, and others came to learn what it actually is. It was an interesting mix as we got to see alternative approaches to inbound compared to ours.

It was great to see how some of our ideas and expertise was interesting and helpful to others as well as how we were able to pick up some good points for our own practice. The whole breakfast event and the atmosphere felt like a friendly brainstorming with people who were passionate about the same subject. We ended up discussing the things that are particularly interesting for developers in more detail, as that was something we could each the others about.

What seems to often be the challenge, is really reaching the target audience in case – developers. We have been trying numerous channels and approaches, and still are. Although we often refer to just “developers”, the different professions and talents that fall under this category are even surprisingly widely spread when it comes to interests and relevant topics. What we’ve learned already before this and were again reminded about, is that what really matters and also interests most people, are the personalities behind the brand. It’s so important to show what your company culture really is like – that’s also one of the most frequent questions we get when hiring people to our clients!

We’ll keep arranging these events in the future too – if you have a topic you’d like to brainstorm, we’d love to hear it! If you attend them, click the picture below.

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