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5 Signs You’ve Been Too Long in Your Current Position

5 Signs You’ve Been Too Long in Your Current Position


1. You Have Stopped Learning New Things


If it has started to feel like there is nothing new and exciting in your current role in this company, it is probably time to consider some changes.


If you have tried all kinds of different roles in the current company and truly learned all that is interesting, it is probably time to consider getting a new job. Especially if you are a developer, staying in a stagnant position can be detrimentally harmful for your career.


I feel bad for every candidate that is frowned upon by the hiring managers just because they have been in the same company for too long, in the worst case working with too old technologies that are not used anymore.


Please, do yourself a favor and evaluate your professional growth every few years. Even if you don’t think your company would ever let go of you, think very hard, how difficult it would be to get a job if you stay too long and something goes awry. Many developers change companies every few years so that they can gain a variety of experience. This is something I highly recommend, unless your current job keeps bringing about new challenges and fresh technologies for you to learn and stay passionate about.


2. The Work is Frustrating And It Doesn’t Affect Your Life Positively


If even in your free time you are dreading going back to work, doing the old boring tasks they have for you, or stressing out because the work that used to be perfect for you just does not suit your current life situation anymore- it’s time to take action.


Always discuss with your employer if something could be adjusted. Of course, too often it can’t. At that point you might as well admit that you can’t let work ruin your life. Work can be exciting, and if it never is anymore, maybe a new role could offer you something more meaningful. After all, you spend about half of the time you are awake at work, so it’s important it’s something you truly enjoy.


3. You Regularly Notice You Don’t Enjoy Your Work Anymore


Firstly, I would advise to check within yourself if you can do something about it. Often times the way we frame our work, the way we think about it, can be changed.


Many times even boring tasks can be overcome by being turned into a competition with yourself or within the office. However, if it’s just seems that there is something wrong in your work environment you don’t have control over, or if you have really tried coping and finding solutions but just can’t, maybe it’s time to go. If there is no way you can see yourself enjoying your work more, it is best to start thinking what kind of a place would suit you better.



4. You Have Already Given Your Everything to This Company



If you’ve given everything you aren’t giving great return on investment to your current company anymore. It is good to notice this before you become tired of the work and start slacking off, so that you can part ways with your current company on good terms.


It might be hard for your current employer to let you go as replacing you with as experienced a person as you are in that specific niche can even be impossible. But after you have found a new job where you have new things to give, assure your current employer that you want to make sure the new person has the best chances for filling your shoes.


Give them enough time to adjust to the change and make sure your knowledge will stay in the company by leaving clear instructions for the new employee.


5. You Are Not Appreciated


Do you feel you are doing your utmost?


Do facts support your feelings and you are delivering great results but getting nothing in return? Have you checked your wage, and noticed that it is not competitive anymore, taking into account your skills and years of experience? Have you asked for a raise with good arguments and just gotten a cold shoulder in return? Yes, it might be. Time. To. Go.

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