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Should You Have a Tech Agent?

Should You Have a Tech Agent?

If you are a skilled Tech Professional working on the Nordic Tech scene at the moment, you are most likely flooded with relevant or irrelevant job propositions from left and right. This is regardless of whether you are actively looking for a new opportunity or not.


It creates a lot of frustration for many Tech Professionals, who’d like to focus on their current position and task at hand. Having observed this for the past decade, I realized there must be a smarter way for Tech Professionals to deal with this. And so I introduced the concept of Tech Agent at Agile Search.



What is a Tech Agent?


A Tech Agent is a professional that is going to represent your interests in the job market and help you focus on your current job, while looking for suitable opportunities to join the next big thing. Think of football players and the way agents represent them and help them to make their way to better football clubs/more prominent roles in new football clubs.


How does a Tech Agent help you?


  1. The Tech Agent will take some time to understand the positions, fields and type of companies that you are interested to consider.
  2. He/She will also understand what kind of value and experience you can bring to the table to different companies.
  3. Then he/she will keep an eye out for you on the market to identify potentially interesting opportunities in companies of your choice. If they arise, he/she will contact you to ask about your opinion/interest in those opportunities.
  4. If you are interested, he/she will then introduce you to that opportunity and help you all the way from setting up the first meeting, through the contract negotiation, to the onboarding at the company.

What are the benefits from using a Tech Agent?


  1. He/She will help you to uncover opportunities outside of your own network.
  2. He/She will save you a lot of time.
  3. He/She will take out a lot of frustrations and help you deal with most of the solicitations that more or less qualified recruiters will throw at you.
  4. He/She will represent and introduce you to the positions and companies that you are interested in – after having your go ahead.
  5. He/She will provide you with honest feedback regarding your profile, experience and aspirations, hence act as a coach in your career development.


So, if you are curious to know more about the Tech Agent Service, feel free to contact us using the form on www.agilesearch.io or by contacting me directly via: fredrik@agilesearch.io

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