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Senior Software Engineer


Is your dream to build something that doesn’t exist yet, with entirely new technologies? Want to join a group of true pioneers and contribute to scientific breakthroughs? Quantum computing company IQM Finland is looking for a creative and proactive Senior Software Engineer to join their growing, multicultural team in Espoo!
IQM builds scalable cryogenic hardware for quantum computers, developing high-speed quantum processors using superconducting qubits to reduce error rates. IQM’s most recent technological breakthrough drives quantum measurement time down to 300 nanoseconds.
As a Senior Software Engineer at IQM, your main passion and focus is software development with an out-of-the-box approach. A healthy interest in physics is appreciated and certainly an advantage, but not required to succeed in the role. In short: IQM has a house full of scientists already – now they need a software expert to provide much-needed programming skills!
What does Senior mean at IQM? Years are not necessarily an indicator. You display the needed characteristics if it comes naturally to you to take responsibility outside of the scope of your own work, making sure that everyone is productive and that projects are meeting or exceeding their goals. You really understand the big picture and can be relied upon to deliver great results, or speak up and act if results can’t be achieved and alternative solutions need to be found.
Does this sound like you? Read on!


  • Interfacing between in-house built electronics
  • Automating various processes
  • Requirements engineering
  • Planning upcoming software engineering projects from the ground up, including architecture, components and tasks
  • Hands-on production of quantum computer software
  • R&D


  • Solid development experience using Python or Scala (Haskell, Clojure, Erlang or Java also work)
  • Experience of popular databases, such as SQL or NoSQL
  • A self-driven, proactive and creative way of working
  • An innate impulse to take responsibility and take projects to the next level
  • An adaptive, flexible attitude and an open, curious mind
  • A Master's Degree in Computer Science, or other relevant educational background
  • Excellent spoken English

Bonus Points For

  • Being a functional programming enthusiast
  • Great written English
  • Awesome social skills and emotional intelligence
  • A research lab or data-collection system background
  • TDD experience
  • DevOps experience
  • SRE experience

If you are a brilliant software engineer looking to create something truly innovative, this could be the opportunity for you. Please apply!

Expect a response within 14 days of application | If you would like to make changes to your application or follow up on your application process, please contact mira(at)


Great place to work

Phone, lunch, sports and commute benefits
Beyond standard insurance and occupational healthcare
Choose your own tools
Flexible work environment
Bonus and options programs
Relocation support
Excellent advancement opportunities
Best quantum computing team in Europe!

IQM utilises quantum technologies and their power to create new computing solutions. They build scalable hardware for universal quantum computers, focusing on superconducting technology. Their products will boost quantum computing and help to find solutions benefiting the industry and society at large.

A spin-off of Aalto University (Quantum Computing and Devices research group) and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, IQM’s pioneering work has yielded incredible breakthroughs in various areas that affect computational speed and information accuracy. These innovations position IQM as an emerging leader in the global effort to develop a large-scale quantum computing solution for practical applications.

Still Interested?

Now that you’ve read this far and know more about the company why not hit apply if you’re still interested.