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Senior Software Engineer in Financial Sector


Taaleri is an asset management company for a quality-conscious investor. Best experts in the industry are hard at work at providing clients with the best opportunities for investment solutions.
For several years now, Taaleri has been digitizing its operations, as a result 100% of customer paperwork is done online. Which also opened up a direct-to-consumer digital asset management service for mobile and the web.
As Taaleri grows, now there is room for an experienced Software Engineer to join the ranks. Financial sector is rapidly developing and your technical expertise as well as interest in financial instruments are in high demand. Some of the things the team is dealing with now include data management and reporting, updating and development of customer and back-office systems. Migration towards Cloud based services and modern architecture are the objectives of the near future. Team has great deal of freedom related to choosing technology solutions, development practices and business methods.

Skills Required

  • Strong knowledge of Microsoft technologies, DevOps and modern software architectures
  • Solid programming skills with C# and .NET
  • Knowledge of REST APIs
  • Passionate interest towards the financial sector
  • Fluent oral and written knowledge of the Finnish language

Nice-to-haves Are

  • Experience in Data Warehouse management
  • Expertise knowledge of DevOps tools and processes
  • Interest in Cloud solutions and Microservice architecture

Taaleri offers continous employment at a competitive salary with great employee benefits. The newly renovated offices are located in the very heart of Helsinki at Kasarminkatu. This opportunity offers enormous possibility for networking, being on the verge of private-investment industry in the country.


Great place to work!

Lunch card
Cultural and sports benefits


Taaleri was established in 2007 as a unique kind of Wealth Management Company named Taaleritehdas. We entered the market in the middle of the massive upset in the financial sector and still succeeded in accumulating a management portfolio worth a billion euros in only two years. We have specialised in innovative private equity funds since 2009. Through our different property, forest and wind power funds, among others, we have invested a total of more than €1.3 billion in Finland.


There are currently about 200 Taaleri employees. Our expertise in the big picture is strongly in the finance sector, but we also have plenty of knowledge and skills in the energy sector, jurisprudence, and real estate business, to name a few. We have plenty of people with an education background in business, but also engineering expertise is growing. Right now, responsibility and impact are important themes for us and we want to develop in them.

Every year we convene a few times for Taaleri’s Tehdaspäivä days to share information with each other, to hear about the progress of different projects, and to further specify our common strategy. Getting together with each other is important – whether it happens at Tehdaspäivä days, at meetings, or at shared extracurricular events. Our team has a high number of people engaging in different sports, but we also have shared hobbies: yoga, golf, horseback riding, going to theatres – or whatever suggestion someone comes up with.


Our values have always given us the important framework for performing the work. We are guided by customer understanding, mutual respect, entrepreneurship and ethicalness.

Still Interested?

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