Recruitment Services

icon Inhouse Recruitment

We work hand in hand with your company to help you succeed with your IT/Tech Recruitment.

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icon Direct Search

We help get the right person for your difficult-to-fill roles by using our extensive sourcing tools and methods.

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icon Employer Branding

Employer branding is vital for tech companies. We help elevate your brand among the top talents on the market.

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Why work with us?

We work with an executive search methodology, which we have fine-tuned by implementing social recruitment, inbound marketing, and a cycle of continuous improvement.

We understand that every company is different and has different needs and therefore we tailor our services to address your exact pain points.

Save time & money

Save up time and resources to focus on your core business. Headhunting and the whole recruitment process take up a lot of time; by allowing us to focus on what we do best, you allow yourself to focus on what you do best.


Get relevant insights

Get relevant insights from the job market concerning your position as an employer. We provide you with comments from potential candidates about their interest in you, and what could make you a more interesting employer.

Increase visibility

Your job ad and company profile get visibility through our social media channels. Our network consists of tens of thousands of IT professionals – virtually every developer in the Helsinki and Stockholm areas is in our network in some way.

Some of our clients

How can we help you grow?

The industry experts feedback


Manager, ApoEx

"I would recommend Agile Search, they deliver good candidates and they have professionalism throughout the whole process".


TA Lead, Hedvig

"AS recruits the right people with the right knowledge by using the best digital tools and tech solutions. They are well equipped to deliver quality. Amazing quality!"


CPO, Enfuce

"Without Agile Search’s help, this wouldn’t have been possible. We first chose Agile Search based on my previous experience of them, and haven’t been disappointed since."


Manager, Telenor

"With your help to set up the process and make it digital, it became very smooth. We did not have that experience before and it is something we can learn from."