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Skills training for your tech experts and managers

In a world where things are constantly changing, regular learning is the only way to stay relevant. We curate and plan custom training to take your tech experts and managers to the next level.

Scheduled trainings

Workshops, seminars, and conferences that will supercharge knowledge and skills for you and your teams

There are no events planned at the moment. Stay tuned!

Trainings on Demand

Together with our partners, we deliver tailored on-demand trainings for your tech experts and managers.

World-class trainers

We work with experienced subject experts who have field track record – shipped products, built stuff and sold things. Not just theoretical and fancy slides.

Locations of your choice

Onsite, off-site, exotic locations? Whatever your needs are, our team is able to put together a training program in any location where learning can happen.

Focus on learning

The methods and tools our trainers apply ensure learning occurs. And often times, this transcends one day events. Our learning feedback loop ensures we can track learning events.

Trainings we provide

We deliver high quality trainings in the following subject areas:

RxJS Training

Learn the fundamental concepts behind RxJS (or Rx in other languages) and gain confidence programming with reactive Observables. Rx is a cross-platform library for handling asynchronous programming and user interfaces.

Kotlin Essentials (Developers Essentials)

This course is an introduction to Kotlin programming for developers who are already familiar with at least one other programming language (e.g., Java, C#, JavaScript, Swift, Python, Ruby etc.) and have at least 2 years of programming experience.

Grafana Essentials (Developers Essentials)

You will learn how to install and configure Grafana and how to connect it to a variety of data sources, as well as gaining an understanding of different kinds of data visualizations.

React Essentials (Developers Essentials)

You will learn to create a state of the art React web app with data binding using Redux.

AWS Lambda (Developers Essentials)

You will learn to create an AWS Lambda service using Lambdasync, DynamoDB and AWS Cloud Formation.

Node.js/AWS (Developers Essentials)

Agile for Leaders

What leaders need to know about agile methods, processes, roles, planning, teams that are related to leadership in agile organizations.

Team Dynamics and Feedback

What all teams and managers need to know to build high performance teams.

Modern Recruitment for Agile Organisations

Learn how to set-up a smooth and qualitative recruitment process in place that will save time, money from your organisation and create a positive experience for candidates

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