3 Key Reasons I Go to Startup Events


Why I go to startup events, or to any event at all for that matter? A while ago I went to an event when Finland was playing in the ice hockey championships. Many of my friends wondered if I’m mad, and where my “Finnish mentality” is. I am not an avid follower of sports in general, but that is beside the point; I like to learn from people who have achieved success in their life and share the same kind of attitude towards life as I do.


1. New Lasting Connections


I go to these events to see people with a passion for business, making the world better in many different ways. I also go to make connections that can potentially last a lifetime; especially when I am able to provide help to people in the early stages of their startups, by giving advice in areas where I have some experience in. By doing this, I create connections that last for a long time, and can bring business for me later that is a steady stream of income (a lifesaver in some cases). It is always easier to sell to people that have known you for longer, and especially if they remember you helping them in the past. Keeping regular communication towards these people is crucial as well.


 see the ideas they have, and learn from those


2. Ideas and Learning


Another reason for going to these events is to see the ideas they have, and learn from those. You never know what kind of ideas people come up with. A lot of them don’t make it in the end due to various reasons, e.g. the startup phase being ruthless, but it is a great feeling to have been present, when the companies that do make it were just early-stage ideas. That feeling is wonderful! I always go to these events with my notebook and take notes during the pitching competitions and other presentations to learn as much as I possibly can.


3. Community That Feels Like a Family


The community is of great importance in the startup scene. The feeling of family, and sharing the same kind of problems between each other when you are at these events can be quite heartwarming. In some cases the people in these events are the only support you might have when your family thinks you insane for quitting your job with a steady paycheck to found your business and work towards your dream.


Should you try it out also?


Written by Ville
Twitter: @villvuor
Published at Suprakraft