Embedded Recruitment Partner

When you are in need of recruiting more than one role Agile Search consultants work embedded as part of your Talent Acquisition Team.

Our recruitment consultants work hand in hand with your team to help you succeed with your recruitment goals.

We work from your office or remotely to provide you with our fastest and most efficient recruitment help. This way we are able to move the processes forward in the best way and act as first-line support for all your hiring needs.

iconFaster Recruitment

Embedded recruitment guarantees faster hiring process. By working from your office and closely with the hiring team, we are able to provide candidates with faster and more accurate communication.


iconCost Effective

Companies who hire an Inhouse Recruitment Consultant instead of a permanent hire can save thousands on a yearly basis.

iconBuild Your Process

You will receive valuable input on how to improve your recruitment processes for more efficient work after our consultants leave. We will work with you to implement an agile process, which you can use to save time.

What is embbeded recruitment?
When you are in need of recruiting for more than one role, Agile Search consultants work closely with your team to understand the specific needs and requirements of the roles and support you in different aspects of the recruitment process.
Our service can include but is not limited to:
  • – Advertising job openings
  • – Sourcing and reaching out to potential candidates in different platforms such as Linked In recruitment, Git hub, Amazing hiring, and stack overflow
  • – International Recruitment
  • – Consultancy in Diversity in recruitment
  • – Using pieces of training on Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)
  • – Setting up a recruitment process when is necessary
  • – Screening and pre-qualifying candidates
  • – Interview pieces of training
  • – Conducting initial interviews
  • – Constant and efficient communication with the Hiring Team
  • – Providing salary and market data
  • – Assisting with the hiring process and negotiation of offers
  • – Ensuring quality in candidate experience
  • – Facilitating evaluation criteria for each step in the recruitment process
  • – Assisting in setting up events
  • – Representing employer at events
How we work

The Agile Search Embedded Recruitment service allows you to have all the benefits of a recruitment partner at s fixed monthly cost.
We provide Talent Acquisition Consultants to work closely with your team and focus 100% on sourcing, screening and interviewing top talent to join your team.

To quickly understand your requirements and cultural needs, our consultants must join your team: to an extent, individual members’ interviews would help them understand and integrate with your team. Moreover, to transfer knowledge, our consultants work closely with your team, sharing best practices and making suggestions for improvement in the current recruitment process.

Additional benefits

Process optimization

Our consultants will provide valuable insights on how to optimize your recruitment processes for greater efficiency after their engagement. Together, we’ll establish an agile approach that you can continue to utilize to save time in the future.

Company culture and work environment

Our consultants gain a better understanding of the company culture and work environment, which can help them make more effective recommendations and provide better support to the client.

Improved communication and collaboration

These can help ensure everyone is on the same page and that the consultant’s recommendations are aligned with the company’s goals and objectives.

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