Executive Search

Are you looking to recruit for a specific technology role, or perhaps a senior role within your organization?

We find the right person for your difficult-to-fill roles by utilizing our own networks to attract passive job seekers. We also search for and directly contact potential candidates to find the best match for your needs.

iconSave Time

Save up time and resources to focus on your core business. Headhunting and the whole recruitment process take up a lot of time; by allowing us to focus on what we do best, you allow yourself to focus on what you do best.


iconRelevant Insights

Get relevant insights from the job market concerning your position as an employer. We provide you with comments from potential candidates about their interest in you, and what could make you a more interesting employer.

iconMore Visibility

Your job ad and company profile get visibility through our social media channels. Our network consists of tens of thousands of IT professionals – virtually every developer in Stockholm areas are in our network in some way.

What is Executive Search?

The executive search service focuses on providing tailored search, talent selection, and talent management solutions for technology companies like yours. With our strong in-house research team and our reputation for being quick, flexible, and successful in finding the right fit for our clients, you can count on us to help you find the perfect match for your open positions.
We use a variety of methods to identify potential candidates, including networking, advertising, and database searches. Once potential candidates are identified, we evaluate their qualifications and experience to determine if they are a good fit for the specific role and company. We also help you with recruitment process guidance, negotiating compensation packages, and assisting with the final selection of the candidate.
Our Exective Search service will save you time and resources in finding the best talent for their organization.

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How we work
  • First, let’s talk about you

Understanding your culture, exploring your requirements, and defining the desired outcome to establish a strong message to reach out to the right candidates. Our tailored approach is focused on delivering results. That means finding the right tech talent to make a difference in your business

  • Sourcing: Diving deeper

Our internal sourcing function combines with local, regional, and global networks to give your business access to the widest pool of appropriately qualified and experienced candidates. Our diversified sourcing strategy includes platforms such as Linked Recruiter, Amazing Hiring, GitHub, and Stack overflow.

  • Engage: We find people not profiles

We engage candidates by tailoring our message based on a variety of aspects that can go from experience, interest, skills, technology, industries, and personality trials based on their profiles but most importantly because the role makes the perfect match in their careers.

  • Support

Our involvement doesn’t end when we present candidates. We stay in touch and ensure stellar candidate experience as well as support the hiring team through the recruitment process.

  • Data Delivery

We provide regular feedback, talent market information, and progress reports throughout the recruitment process. We’re focused on delivering results and that means securing the right talent to make a difference in your business.

Additional Benefits

Flexible Approach

Each hiring requirement is unique, and so our solution for attracting the right talent reflects this. We define a tailor-made approach for each client and each assignment, based on our expertise and experience of what will achieve the best outcome.

Powerful Sourcing Solutions

We attract the most suitable tech talent in the market with a tailored approach to candidates by our dedicated sourcing team, including passive candidates; digital advertising solutions; and sourcing through different platforms such as Amazing Hiring, Linked in Recruiter, GitHub and Stack overflow

Time-Sensitive Delivery

At Agile search, our priority is to help our clients with their executive recruitment by sourcing top talent in a timely matter. We invest in building lasting professional relationships with our clients and candidates and take pride in helping organizations and individuals to grow.

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