IT Consultancy

icon Boost knowledge

Increase and enhance the internal knowledge of employees by bringing in senior IT experts who can share their experience and skills.


icon Achieve your goals

Find a specific match of skills you require to make your project achieve its goals in time and matter.

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Improve your team’s efficiency & reach your project goals.

Some of our clients

Companies are challenged to keep pace with today’s fast-moving IT landscape.

When your company needs to strengthen the expertise or temporarily increase the workforce in your IT department, we can provide you with some of the best IT experts who are ready to tackle your IT strategies and special projects.

How can we help you grow?

The industry experts feedback


Manager, ApoEx

"I would recommend Agile Search, they deliver good candidates and they have professionalism throughout the whole process".


TA Lead, Hedvig

"AS recruits the right people with the right knowledge by using the best digital tools and tech solutions. They are well equipped to deliver quality. Amazing quality!"


CPO, Enfuce

"Without Agile Search’s help, this wouldn’t have been possible. We first chose Agile Search based on my previous experience of them, and haven’t been disappointed since."


Manager, Telenor

"With your help to set up the process and make it digital, it became very smooth. We did not have that experience before and it is something we can learn from."