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We work hand in hand with your company to help you succeed with your IT/Tech Recruitment. We are able to move the processes forward in the best way and act as first-line support for all your hiring needs.

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We are all challenged to keep pace with today’s fast-moving IT landscape. If you need to increase the workforce in your IT team, we will provide you with some of the best IT experts who are ready to tackle your projects with a custom solution.

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We are a fun-loving team with an agile mindset.
Our work is guided by the core belief that the best results are gained through mutual respect and honesty.

We get you on top of the game in acquiring difficult-to-find talent. 

Build your dream team!

Imagine a team that operates with the agility of a well-oiled machine, seamlessly adapting to your organization’s needs… Welcome to Agile Search, where a team of Tech Recruiters and IT consultants, are ready to join forces with your dream team!

We bring the power of agility to the forefront, making collaboration with your teams dynamic, responsive, and ever-evolving. We thrive on pushing boundaries and exceeding expectations, with no challenge too great or timeline too tight. Our hard-working spirit, honed through international experience in diverse tech landscapes, allows us to approach challenges with a fresh outlook and navigate the complexities of the global marketplace. Efficiency is at our core: with us, you can confidently make informed decisions, saving valuable time and resources.

Whether you’re a budding startup or an established industry leader, Agile Search is here to guide you toward exceptional talent acquisition and elevated tech team performance. Together, let’s embark on a thrilling adventure, overcome challenges, and witness the remarkable heights your teams can reach.

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How can we help you grow?
Tech Recruitment service

Our dedicated team of tech recruitment consultants works closely with clients, offering personalized support to help them succeed in their IT recruitment endeavors. Whether it’s attracting skilled IT professionals or filling niche positions, we employ effective strategies and extensive networks to identify and engage top-tier candidates. As a renowned tech recruitment agency, we understand the fast-paced nature of the industry and the challenges faced by companies in finding the right talent. We leverage their in-depth knowledge and industry insights to streamline the recruitment process, saving valuable time and resources for our clients.

Our comprehensive range of services within the dynamic realm of tech recruitment encompasses three distinct offerings. These services have been thoughtfully designed to cater to the unique needs of our esteemed clients.

In-house recruitment: our dedicated team works closely with your company to ensure your success in Tech Recruitment. We understand the unique challenges of finding top talent in the industry and provide customized solutions to meet your hiring needs. We offer our expertise in sourcing, screening, and selecting the best candidates for your IT job openings. Our collaborative approach allows us to work hand in hand with your company, leveraging our knowledge and network to deliver exceptional results.

Direct search: when it comes to filling difficult-to-fill roles, our Direct Search services come to the rescue. We have extensive sourcing tools and methods at our disposal to find the right person for the job. Through a targeted and proactive approach, we identify and engage with qualified candidates who possess the specific skills and expertise needed for your IT vacancies. 

Customised solutions


At Agile Search, our approach to tech recruitment is centred around understanding your organization’s culture, requirements, and desired outcomes. We tailor our strategies to deliver results by finding the right tech talent that can truly make a difference in your business.

Our sourcing process goes beyond surface-level profiles. We dive deeper, leveraging our internal sourcing function and extensive networks to access a wide pool of qualified candidates. Our diversified approach includes platforms like LinkedIn Recruiter, Amazing Hiring, GitHub, and Stack Overflow.

When engaging with candidates, we personalize our messaging based on various factors such as experience, skills, interests, and technology preferences. We ensure that the role aligns perfectly with their career aspirations, fostering a strong match.

Our support extends beyond candidate presentation: we stay connected, ensuring a stellar candidate experience and providing assistance to the hiring team throughout the recruitment process.

Transparency is vital to us. We provide regular feedback, talent market insights, and progress reports, keeping you informed at every step. Our ultimate focus is on securing the right talent to make a significant impact on your business.

Agile Search matches experts with the most exciting opportunities in attractive companies.

Data-driven recruitment 


At Agile Search, we pride ourselves on our unique approach to data-driven recruitment and the significant advantages it brings to our clients. What sets us apart is our deep understanding of the potential of data and analytics in transforming the hiring process. We go beyond simply collecting and analyzing metrics such as time-to-hire, cost-per-hire, quality of hire, and candidate experience. We believe that true innovation lies in the ability to harness these insights and translate them into actionable strategies that drive exceptional recruitment outcomes.

Our expertise lies in our ability to leverage cutting-edge software and tools to efficiently collect and analyze data at every stage of the recruitment process. This data-driven approach enables us to optimize our clients’ recruitment strategies and make informed decisions based on real-time insights.

One of our core strengths is our commitment to reducing bias and increasing diversity and inclusion in the hiring process. We recognize the importance of building diverse teams that bring a wide range of perspectives and experiences to the table. Through data-driven recruitment, we can identify and mitigate unconscious biases, ensuring that the selection process is fair and unbiased. By analyzing data on candidate demographics and tracking diversity metrics, we can help our clients build more inclusive organizations that drive innovation and foster a culture of belonging.

Stellar candidate experience 


Furthermore, our focus on candidate experience sets us apart. We understand that a positive candidate experience is crucial for attracting top talent and nurturing long-term relationships. Through data analysis and feedback collection, we gain valuable insights into how candidates perceive our clients’ hiring processes. We use this information to continuously improve communication, engagement, and transparency, ensuring that each candidate feels valued and supported throughout their journey. This commitment to candidate experience not only enhances our clients’ employer brand but also contributes to their long-term success in attracting and retaining top tech talent.

Employer Branding: As a leading IT recruitment agency, we recognize the importance of employer branding in attracting and retaining top talent. We provide valuable employer branding services that help companies enhance their reputation as desirable employers in the IT industry. Through the development of compelling Employee Value Propositions (EVPs), leveraging social media platforms, and implementing employee engagement and retention programs, we help companies stand out and become preferred employers among the tech talent pool.

3 Reasons to work with us

Our Agile method

We implement agile methods that make us faster and allow us to continuously improve our recruitment process.


Our experience

Since 2009 Agile Search has been helping companies in the Digital and IT sectors find top tech talents.

Our efficiency 

We promise engagement and passion.

(That is what we all need to succeed)

The industry experts feedback

Manager, ApoEx

"I would recommend Agile Search, they deliver good candidates and they have professionalism throughout the whole process".

TA Lead, Hedvig

"AS recruits the right people with the right knowledge by using the best digital tools and tech solutions. They are well equipped to deliver quality. Amazing quality!"

CPO, Enfuce

"Without Agile Search’s help, this wouldn’t have been possible. We first chose Agile Search based on my previous experience of them, and haven’t been disappointed since."

Manager, Telenor

"With your help to set up the process and make it digital, it became very smooth. We did not have that experience before and it is something we can learn from."
IT Consultancy

In addition to our exceptional tech recruitment services, Agile Search is delighted to offer a team of highly skilled IT consultants to complement your organization’s needs.
Those experts come from diverse backgrounds worldwide, leveraging their global experience and expertise to serve the Nordics. Their strength lies in their diversity and progressive mindset, which are vital assets in an industry that continually demands more from IT engineers. Comprising software engineering experts hailing from various corners of the globe, our team brings a rich tapestry of unique skills and knowledge to the table. This enables us to offer a comprehensive range of IT consulting services, spanning tech leadership, architecture design, development, and implementation. Irrespective of your business goals, our team is dedicated to helping you achieve them through the effective utilization of technology. We invest time in understanding your specific needs and challenges, tailoring our services to deliver optimal solutions. Whether you require assistance with an ongoing project or seek an end-to-end solution, our experienced team possesses the requisite knowledge and expertise to ensure successful outcomes. Our IT consultants have a proven track record of successfully supporting renowned clients such as Spotify, Klarna, Tele2, and SEB on demanding projects that demanded innovative and pioneering approaches.

Our Purpose 

At our core, our mission is to address the growing IT competency gap in the Nordics by enlisting the best and most seasoned engineers from across the globe. We envision the IT community as a global guild and provide the opportunity for those seeking a new life and career in the Nordics to join our ranks. By doing so, we contribute to our client’s success in seamlessly executing their IT projects while nurturing our growth.

Given that our team consists of IT professionals who have personally made the transition to the Nordics, we intimately understand the challenges associated with relocating to a new country. Hence, we are committed to assisting with the smooth integration and transition process. From sourcing the right IT projects to securing housing, enrolling children in schools or kindergartens, and obtaining necessary visas and work permits, we support our people at every step.

Areas of Expertise 

Our team boasts specialization in several key areas, including:

  • – Fullstack Java developers with strong cloud skills
  • – Fullstack Javascript developers with strong cloud skills
  • – Data Engineers
  • – IoT Engineers
  • – Cloud Specialists

With our diverse skill set and expertise, we are well-equipped to cater to the unique requirements of clients across various domains and industries.

AGILE methodology

At Agile Search Services, we embody the principles of the agile methodology throughout our approach to data-driven recruitment. Our commitment to collaboration is a key aspect of this methodology. We believe that by promoting collaboration among our team members and our clients, we create an environment that fosters increased motivation, job satisfaction, and a sense of ownership over the project. We understand that diverse perspectives and collective intelligence drive innovation and problem-solving.

Transparency and accountability are fundamental principles in agile methodology, and we apply them to our recruitment process. We believe in open and honest communication, ensuring that all stakeholders are well-informed and involved in decision-making. By fostering transparency, we create an atmosphere of trust and enable better collaboration. This approach allows for efficient decision-making and reduces delays caused by miscommunication or ambiguity.

Taking risks is another essential aspect of the agile methodology, and we encourage our employees to do so. We understand that innovation and growth are achieved through experimentation and learning from failures. By providing a safe and supportive environment, we empower our team members to explore new ideas, challenge the status quo, and find creative solutions to recruitment challenges.

To ensure alignment and progress, we set clear goals and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These goals and KPIs serve as guiding principles for our team and our clients, ensuring that everyone is moving in the same direction and working towards a common vision. Regularly reviewing and refining these goals and KPIs allow us to adapt and pivot when necessary, ensuring continuous improvement and responsiveness to changing market dynamics.

Lastly, we embody the positive and reassuring attitude that is inherent in the agile methodology. We understand that the recruitment process can be challenging and that unforeseen obstacles may arise. However, we remain positive and supportive when communicating with our team members and clients, providing reassurance that we are committed to overcoming any difficulties together. This positive mindset fosters resilience, teamwork, and a solution-oriented approach to challenges.


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