Behind the Scenes of Talent Partner in the Music Industry

A Day in the Life of a Talent Partner


Tamara Lazić is currently working as a Talent Partner at Epidemic Sound,where the primary focus is on recruiting for senior-level positions. This includes Senior Data Scientists and Senior Data Engineers, as well as key marketing roles like Demand Generation Manager and Paid Media Specialist. This assignment is a return engagement, reflecting the strong relationship and successful collaboration built during a previous stint focusing on roles such as Senior Fullstack Engineer, Mobile Engineer, and Analytics Engineer.


Goals of the Project


The primary goals of this recruitment project are threefold:


  1. Number of Recruitments: Efficiently filling open positions with top-tier talent.
  2. Quality of Hires: Ensuring that new hires not only meet but exceed the company’s expectations in terms of skills and cultural fit.
  3. Type of Positions: Focusing on high-demand technical roles and critical marketing positions to support Epidemic Sound’s growth.


What Makes This Project Exciting?


Working at Epidemic Sound is a unique experience. Tamara highlights the collaborative spirit and expertise of the Talent team as key factors that make this project enjoyable. The team’s knowledge and enthusiasm are infectious, creating a positive and productive work environment. Moreover, the opportunity to engage with talented and humble individuals across the company adds a layer of fulfillment to the recruitment process. A notable perk is the office atmosphere, which is often enriched with live music performances by Epidemic Sound artists during lunch breaks—truly blending the worlds of tech and music.


Proud Moments and Achievements


One of the most rewarding aspects of this assignment has been receiving positive feedback from candidates about their recruitment experience. Navigating the job market can be stressful, and our recruiter takes pride in creating a smooth and pleasant process for candidates. Additionally, seeing candidates thrive and remain happy in their roles long-term is a significant accomplishment, reaffirming the quality of hires and the recruiter’s impact on the company’s success.


Enhancing Recruitment Quality


In the next 6-12 months, our recruiter aims to leverage data insights to further enhance the quality of recruitment delivery. Utilizing data allows for more informed decisions and a strategic approach to sourcing and hiring top talent.


Sourcing Top Talent


Finding the right candidates involves a multi-faceted approach:

– LinkedIn Recruiter and AmazingHiring: Primary tools for sourcing tech talent.

– GitHub and Similar Platforms: Useful for identifying skilled developers and engineers.

– Artistic Platforms: Previously leveraged for sourcing candidates in the gaming industry.

– Applicant Tracking System (ATS): Revisiting past candidates to identify potential fits.

– Social Media Groups: Posting and searching within niche groups to find specialized talent.




Tamara’s journey with Epidemic Sound exemplifies the blend of technical recruitment expertise and a passion for the music industry. At Agile Search, we are committed to fostering such partnerships and delivering exceptional talent to our clients. Whether it’s tech recruitment in a cutting-edge music company or any other industry, we are dedicated to ensuring a seamless and successful recruitment process.

Stay tuned for more insights and stories from the front lines of recruitment at Agile Search!