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Our involvement in the FinTech market, through various assignments with highly attractive companies, has enabled us to reinvent our services while keeping an eye on the latest tech trends and achieving our client’s goals.

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We work with an executive search methodology, which we have fine-tuned by implementing social recruitment, inbound marketing, and a cycle of continuous improvement.

We understand that every company is different and has different needs and therefore we tailor our services to address your exact pain points.

Embedded Recruitment

Embedded Recruitment is the best cost-efficient solution when you are looking to hire 3 or more talents urgently.

Executive Search


We help get right person for your difficult-to-fill roles by using our extensive sourcing tools and methods.

Employer Branding


Employer branding is vital for tech companies. We help elevate your brand among the top talents on the market.


Save time & money

Save up time and resources to focus on your core business. Headhunting and the whole recruitment process take up a lot of time; by allowing us to focus on what we do best, you allow yourself to focus on what you do best.



Relevant insights

Get relevant insights from the job market concerning your position as an employer. We provide you with comments from potential candidates about their interest in you, and what could make you a more interesting employer.


More visibility

Your job ad and company profile gets visibility through our social media channels. Our network consists of tens of thousands of IT professionals – virtually every developer in Helsinki and Stockholm areas are in our network in some way.



The recruiter creates a lot of value in finding the right candidates, which gives the manager time to focus on relevant candidates
Pekka Astala

Lead Developer

Active communication to find the best fit. There was no time wasted. The right position was found quickly, 5/5.


Agile Search is a great partner not only for companies but also for developers. If you are a talent or you are looking for talents, Agile Search is definitely worth your consideration


It was a pleasure working with Agile Search. They find people with the skill sets that companies are looking for, resulting in a great match between employer and employee.

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Embedded Recruitment

The challenge

Hire highly competent and senior tech talent capable of working in diverse markets and countries, within a fast-paced and rapidly expanding environment.
Many of these roles required senior technical expertise and some even demanded management skills with specific technologies.  Thus, we had to put in a strong sourcing effort for passive candidates and networking skills while reducing the time-to-hire as much as possible, allowing them to achieve their coming team goals and projects.

The solution

So, how did we overcome these obstacles and deliver outstanding results?

Collaboration and teamwork were the cornerstone of our success. Our tech recruiters worked hand-in-hand with the hiring team, showcasing exceptional stakeholder management skills. Every person involved actively participated and contributed, making this project successful.

1. The stakeholder management skills

Before reaching out to potential candidates, our tech recruiters prioritised understanding the business, hiring managers and stakeholder needs This was accomplished through diverse discussions, workshops, sessions, and the development of a more structured recruitment process according to the levels of each role.

2. Sourcing and networking

The fintech market is fiercely competitive, demanding us to build robust talent pools with passive candidates who not only matched each position but were also a great fit for the company culture and values.

3. Events and conferences

We had the opportunity to attend diverse events in the Stockholm area, this led us to attract talented and experienced candidates and gain recognition through the employer brand.

4. Negotiation skills and the best candidate experience

Our goal was to provide an exceptional candidate experience and attract talented individuals for each technical position, even those beyond Swedish borders. We achieved this by engaging in effective communication, providing prompt feedback, personalizing our interactions, and skillfully negotiating offers and benefits, always prioritizing the unique needs of the candidates.

5. Improvement of the recruitment process

Finally, we believe that the strategies ahead would not have been successful without a correct and structured recruitment process. Through comprehensive discussions and workshops, we refined each step of the process, from the initial screening to enhancing technical interviews and tests.

The result

We set specific goals for this assignment, which we successfully achieved. We filled all the tech positions including senior frontend, backend engineers, SREs, engineering managers, and head of development roles. Moreover, our collaboration with the hiring team allowed us to enhance their recruitment process, setting them up for continued success in the future.At Agile Search, we thrive on challenging projects like these, where we can show our expertise, embrace teamwork and exceed expectations. If you’re seeking exceptional tech talent in the FinTech industry, we’re here to help you build your teams that will drive your organization to the next level.

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