4 ways to improve remote collaboration between recruiters and hiring managers

Working remotely: a year ago it was a thing that “some people” use to do. Today is a reality for most of us. The challenges differ from area to area, but just in the collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters we have done our path and reflecting back into this “whole” year.

Here you can find four attitudes that we want to put extra attention to, when it comes to communication between hiring managers and recruiters.




You both share a common goal: to find the best candidate as soon as possible. To achieve this, some guidelines must be followed. When it comes to the recruiter, he or she should be prepared with all relevant information before contacting the hiring manager. This will allow both parties to strengthen their relationship and show some level of understanding. On the other hand, the hiring manager must be totally clear in regards to the position requirements and the role to play by the candidate.

How about some tips?

  • Research the role and how it fits into the company.
  • Give the market an elementary overview so you can speak confidently about what’s out there.
  • Jot down some specific questions to ask and set an agenda.




With the outbreak of the pandemic, it has become a challenge to keep direct contact! However, you should find the best strategies for effective communication. Follow-ups can then take place over the phone or through messaging services like Slack. Be sure to keep engage and fully in the loop. Status updates should be clear and regular.




If you are the hiring manager, it pays off to be truly clear during the brief, especially when it comes to identifying the right candidates from a large pool. You can even evaluate some initial choices in real-time. If you are the recruiter, ask questions that will help you find the ideal candidate:

  • What are the vital skills for the position?
  • Are there any tech tools that they should be proficient in?
  • How is the team structured?

These tips will help you narrow the search down. Now, you both need to agree on timelines, due dates and make sure expectations are realistic.




We are all in this together. Let’s be as supportive as possible!

It is important to ensure that the remote interviewing processes go as planned. Everything must be set and ready, whether it is testing out call-software, coaching through questions or providing documents and contingency plans for technology breakdowns. If we are comfortable, the candidate will be comfortable! 

According to Indeed, 83% of candidates believe a negative interview can change their minds about a position. But we could definitely turn things around!.



Physical distance and working remotely have been a challenge during this time of COVID. Thus, take these pieces of advice into account, mix it up with preparedness, vigilance, constant communication, and empathy, add mutual collaboration and support; and as a result, you will communicate effectively. This is the perfect recipe to overcome these difficult times.