Accelerating Developer’s Career Plan in 6 Steps

Trying to understand how to build a kick-ass developer career plan for yourself? Don’t worry, we’ve created a six step plan for developers to help you understand how to boost and plan your career.


6 Steps for a Developer Career Plan


1. Explore your interests and opportunities out there

What is more important is to ask “what am I most interested in, and see myself doing in the future”. Once that is settled start looking for the opportunities and possibilities to advance your career. The options are limitless as we are in an ever-changing dynamic digital environment where possibilities are open to those who are ready to ‘evolve’. As a developer, engineer, data scientist, IT expert, one understands how businesses are adapting and embracing data and science.


2. Analyse your skills 

Next, analyse your current skills as a Developer or Engineer. Are they good enough to land your dream assignment?

The possibility of learning and growing are endless and in this ‘data centric’ market it is always good to keep upgrading your skills. Don’t be like one of the many big institutions who misunderstood and underestimated the power of digital transformation.


3. Write you developer career plan down

Once you have figured out the possibilities and analysed your potential, it’s time to upgrade. Pen down a plan, a schema of all things you want to excel or learn to get better. Reposition yourself with what are the challenges and how you can solve the problem. Also check with your current workplace as many employers encourage and support the new learning and growth building initiatives.


4. Learn skills to take you further

Find the right platforms to start your learning adventure. Whether it is end-to-end training, self-study or online course follow the principles of focussed and attainable goals that you can commit to achieve. Look for industry specific and recognised certifications that will add value to your learning and skills and add them to your developer’s career plan.


5. Measure

Get savvy with new transformations and technologies you need but remember to always have clear and measurable goals.

Be SMART when setting your goals

S – specific

M – measurable

A – attainable

R – relevant

T – time-bound


6. Excel

You do not need acceleration to excel your growth as the journey to excellence is constant.

Now you are all set!!


Hit it with a right mix of technical knowledge and balanced sense of style in your resume. Don’t forget to include the quantitative results from all your hardships in your resume.

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