Conduct Online Job Interviews like a Tech Recruiter

When it comes to online job interviews, it can be difficult to assess the candidate like in an ordinary face-to-face job interview. The tech recruiters at Agile Search are used to handling job interviews online, because we’re experts in international recruitment. We’re sharing our tips and tricks on how to conduct an online interview properly. 


Here are our tech recruiters’ expert best practices on how to handle an online job interview!


Have proper communications tools

You don’t want poor technical preparation to interrupt the online job interview! Especially when recruiting IT professionals, it can seem unprofessional if your technology isn’t in order. Make sure you have a proper internet connection and TEST your communications tool. Whether it’s Skype, Google Hangouts, or any other online communications tool, you need to know it works, and how it works.

Here are some online communications tools we’ve found useful: 


Google Hangouts Meet

Zoom Meetings




Facilitate the Online Job Interview as though you were Face-to-Face


Make the candidate feel comfortable. Even though this may not be an ordinary setting, it is a normal interview. Ask the candidate basic questions to help them relax. 


Ask questions to understand how they feel


During face-to-face meetings, it is possible to read the person’s body language and other behaviours, but on video these are harder to detect. Devote some time to asking questions that reveal their attitude towards the tech role, as well as their cultural expectations. 


Online Environments Bring Opportunities! 


Take advantage of the fact that you’re online. If your candidate is explaining something that would be better understood visually, ask them to share their screen! In an online job interview you have the opportunity to ask the tech talent to display their skills on the spot. Take advantage of it! 


Find a quiet space and remember you’re on camera

Your focus needs to be on the candidate during your online job interview. Find a location that does not have distractions that can affect your concentration. Make sure you don’t get disturbed!


As much as the candidate needs to impress you, you also need to impress the candidate. Tech Recruitment is an extremely competitive market, so as a recruiter, you can’t afford to give a bad impression. Dress like you would for a client meeting or your office (nothing too fancy, but not drab either). Also remember that although you’re sitting home, the person can see you, so behave as you would with them in the room.