Hiring globally: the value of international talents

Are you looking for someone who brings a new perspective to your business? A colleague who can give you insights into global markets and add value and diversity?

If your answer is yes, hiring globally is your cure.

Hiring international talents has many benefits, including lessened costs, increased networks, increased diversity, and easy access to market insights in other countries.

Hiring internationally lowers your costs

The shortage or unavailability of talents who have certain skill sets in the local pool leads to increased costs and time spent in the hiring process. If you widen your search globally, you can fill critical roles faster. Global recruitment helps you save money, effort, and time.

The faster you fill the position, the faster you will produce revenue.

Hiring internationally increases your network and talent pool

When you hire global talent, you hire their networks as well. Suddenly, your company is known by hundreds of people across the globe. It sounds like easy fame, doesn’t it?

As applicants know that you are open to hiring from abroad, they don’t hesitate to apply for your openings. Your coworkers can refer a friend living in another country.

If you hire globally, you will secure access to the best talents worldwide.

Hiring internationally helps you become more diverse

By hiring internationally, you welcome people from all backgrounds which helps increase diversity in the workplace. In turn, diversity can challenge cultural and situational preconceptions and foster innovation. Furthermore, a diverse environment increases employee morale, open communication, and a feeling of belonging. (Shieldgeo) According to an earlier study by Outstaffer, companies in the top quartile of diversity are more likely to have significant financial returns.

A more diverse workplace enhances productivity and financial performance.

Hiring internationally gives you insight into global markets

Market insights are one of the most beneficial aspects of global recruitment. International employees have a lot of information about their own countries and the countries where they have been working before. If you don’t have the insight of your international colleagues, it is easy to miss key cultural factors and make wrong decisions.

Having global talents by your side, you will be less likely to fall into mistakes before entering new markets. (Globalization Partners)