How to Recognize a Quality IT Recruiter

You’ve established that your company needs help with recruiting IT professionals and now you need to select a partner. But how do you recognize a quality IT recruiter?


Recognizing a professional IT recruiter may be difficult, since the reason you need help in the first place is because you’re not familiar with technical terms or various types of IT positions. In order for you to be confident when choosing an IT recruitment agency or partner, consider these when making your decision.


Technical knowledge


This one is fairly obvious: the most important skill of an IT recruiter is technical knowledge. If AWS-RDS, C++ or VHDL are just a bunch of mumbo jumbo, they probably won’t have a clue what they’re looking for in a candidate. If you want to make sure of the recruters technical knowledge, ask a member from your IT department to join your meeting and help asking some technical questions.


Understanding of key IT job differences


The number one reason why tech experts don’t reply to a recruiter is because of mis-targeted job opportunities. A professional tech recruiter will already have a good understanding of key differences, such as frontend vs. backend, required for the role. For example, the word developer can mean several different things. A quality tech recruiter will ask you to specify.


Tools used for Sourcing


Professional IT recruiters know that there are more tools for sourcing than LinkedIn. We’re not saying there’s anything wrong with LinkedIn, in fact it’s great! But a good tech recruiter will use additional tools. We recommend tools such as GitHub and AmazingHiring in addition to traditional sourcing channels.


Market Knowledge


A quality tech recruiter will keep it real, which means they won’t promise you a developer with 10+ years of experience for a junior-level salary. They will also know how big or small the talent pool is for the role you’re looking for and what the possible challenges are. Ask them questions about the market, but be prepared to receive answers you might not want to hear.


Personal background


Ask the tech recruiter about their company portfolio. At Agile Search, we make sure that all our tech recruiters get the opportunity to work with different projects in order to develop their skills and individual portfolios. The more diverse the recruiters’ experience of different tech companies is, the more they have insights into how different companies operate and what their needs are.


A quality tech recruiter has good technical knowledge, understanding of key differences within  a tech role, several tools at their disposal, impeccable market knowledge and preferably a strong professional background in tech recruitment. Our tech recruiters at Agile Search have all these qualities and more!

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