Event for Developers – Level Up Or Lose

On October 3rd we had our third tech event for developers here in Helsinki. This time, the event was focused on game and mobile development, and fitting for the theme, was organized in the new co-working space Microsoft Flux. On the agenda, we kept the familiar workshops provided by our event partners, but decided to spice the evening up a bit with a panel discussion by Johannes Vuorinen from Frogmind (Badland 1 & 2) and Johannes Ahvenniemi from Seriously (Best Fiends).



The panel discussion cut into the most current challenges in game development and interests of game companies. The discussion covered game engines, in particular Unity, serverside – what to take into account, platforms etc. – and lastly the importance of design in game development – can a developer just be a coder or should they also be designers/coding artists? Especially the latter sparked lots of discussion from the audience and we got to hear lots of arguments for and against game developers acting also as game designers.


After the panel discussion the evening continued with workshops provided by our partners Qvik, Apprien and Yousician. The themes varied from Qvik’s ‘Building serverless with Firebase‘, to ‘Intro to Rx / UniRx’ from Yousician and ‘Unity SDK for IAP dynamic pricing‘ from Apprien.




We heard that the discussions were passionate and new ideas were shared. One of the attendees described Qvik’s workshop with the following:  “It was a good introduction into serverless stack. It gave me an impulse to dig into this topic more after the event. So overall that was helpful. I am not sure if we are going to use these technologies in our current project – but I will definitely consider it for the upcoming ones.”


One of the partners in turn said that this was the best and most


meaningful event they have attended, as they had a chance to meet developers that truly are passionate but also experienced in their field. We were thrilled to hear this!


The main priority in our tech events is to ensure developers and IT companies get new ideas, build new connections and have a forum where to share their passion to code. Based on the feedback, we managed to do this also this time – if you are interested to join our next tech event, keep posted, and meanwhile go checkout our new video from the event!