The Power of Efficient Sourcing in Tech Recruitment

Don’t Miss the Power of Efficient Sourcing in Tech Recruitment


At Agile Search Services, our commitment to excellence in tech recruitment is unwavering. Efficient sourcing is one important link to successful recruitment. 

Recently, we embarked on a project with an energy company. We had an interview with our tech recruiter, Khrystyna Kachmaryk . Here’s a closer look at our approach and insights gained:

Project Overview:

Our project with the company involved addressing the challenges in their recruitment process. Although they had a strong recruitment team, finding talent was challenging. Recognizing the importance of sourcing in attracting top talent, Khrystyna introduced a new sourcing role to the team.


Goals and Focus:

The primary goal of the project was to enhance the efficiency of the hiring process while maintaining the quality of hires. We focused on sourcing candidates for tech-related positions, particularly developers skilled in Python and C#. 


Challenges and Solutions:

Sourcing wasn’t a common practice within the team, and there wasn’t a dedicated role for it. By providing sourcing instructions and collaborating closely with recruiters, Khrystyna bridged this gap effectively. This initiative led to discussions about expanding the sourcing team, further streamlining the hiring process.

Insights and Learnings:

Our experience with the company reaffirmed the importance of collaboration and innovation in recruitment. By leveraging advanced tools and platforms such as LinkedIn and GitHub, we were able to identify and attract top talent effectively. Additionally, understanding candidate behavior and tailoring our approach accordingly proved instrumental in our success.

Future Focus:

Looking ahead, we aim to further refine our sourcing techniques and leverage advanced tools like AmazingHiring for more targeted searches. Additionally, we will continue to foster collaboration between sourcing and recruitment teams to ensure a seamless hiring experience for our clients.


At Agile Search Tech Recruitment Services, we’re committed to pushing the boundaries of tech recruitment. Our agile approach, coupled with a focus on collaboration and innovation, enables us to deliver exceptional results for our clients. Stay tuned for more insights and updates from our dynamic team! 



By Yujun