Why You Should Talk to a Headhunter or RecruiterWhy You Should Talk to a Headhunter/RecruiterWhy You Should Talk to a Headhunter/Recruiter


A lot of people are scared of talking to a headhunter or recruiter. Talking to one doesn’t mean you have to accept a job over the phone all at once. Is that the recruiter’s end goal? Yes, it is, as that is what they get paid for. I am going to list a few of the key reasons to make you realize why you should talk to a recruiter.


Stay on top of their mind


Recruiters have positions coming up often, and at a fast pace; if you are not looking to change at that point, it is good to say when could possibly be a suitable time to be in contact again. This ensures that you generally stay in their mind and don’t come off as obnoxious.


Be remembered by them


Being polite when talking to one will greatly increase your chances of getting calls in the future and maybe even for far better positions as you responded nicely and had a conversation. You never know what your situation might be when they call the next time or what kind of positions they might have open.


Valuable connections


Recruiters have a wide network in the industry they specialise in, be it from HR decision makers or to

top notch

candidates. You might even need to utilise their services at some point, so it is good to meet some of them and keep them in the loop about your career aspirations.


Next time when a recruiter calls put aside a few minutes of your time to have a chat. Maybe make a new friend?