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Would you like to map out different job opportunities but none of the listed ones fit your interest or experience?
We cooperate with multiple companies in the capital regions in both Finland and Sweden and are more than happy to assist you to find a perfect job match.
Please submit your CV below and add a few words of who you are and what type of roles would spark your interest.
Before showing your CV to any company or external party we will get your permission first.
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What Kind Of Roles Can We Help You Find?

  • Software Developer/architect e.g. frontend, backend, mobile, web, DevOps, testing...
  • Team Lead, Scrum Master, Product owner




The whole experience was very positive for me! I've been dealing with recruiters before as well, but the way Agile Search handled the whole process was unique.



Active communication to find the best fit. There was no time wasted, and the positions I was offered were in interesting companies and matched my expertise. The right position was found quickly, 5/5.



I was very impressed with Agile Search’s way of working, that considers the candidates as important as the clients. I felt that Laura handled the process with warmth and real interest to find me the best opportunity. The communication was always proactive - this is a company I'd gladly co-operate in the future too.



It was a pleasure working with Agile Search. They find people with the skill sets that companies are looking for, resulting in a great match between employer and employee. Agile Search gave me the opportunity to take on new challenges, and improve myself as a developer.

Still Interested?

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