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Guest Blog: How to Boost Your Recruitment Efforts with SMS Texting

Guest Blog: How to Boost Your Recruitment Efforts with SMS Texting

When you implement SMS for recruiting, you are going to have the ability to reach potential job candidates in an instant. How you communicate with job seekers can have a big impact on how quickly the recruitment process goes. While emails and phone calls are still effective methods of reaching out to job candidates, text messaging has become the number one way to contact individuals interested in working for your company. SMS texting is going to boost your recruitment efforts, and give you an edge when it comes to finding the best employees for your company.



People Carry Their Cell Phones Everywhere


95% of the adult population has a cell phone, and the majority of cell phone users keep their phone within arm’s reach at all times. This means that if you want to reach a potential job recruit, the fastest way to do so is to send a text message. You’ll need to get permission to send out a text message, but this is done easily by adding in permission to send text messages when a person signs up for a job board. Once you send a text message, it will be read by the recipient within minutes.



Job Candidates Prefer Text Messaging for Communication


Job candidates who are younger prefer to be contacted through a text message over a phone call or email. Recipients can respond to the message immediately, and it takes out the need to call back and forth until you connect on the phone. If the text message is well written, this helps create a personalized touch to your recruitment efforts. When your job candidates are in the younger range, text messages are going to be crucial in the communication process. Keep the messages professional and to the point, and provide an easy way for them to follow up.



Texts Can Be Answered at Work


A potential job candidate may be very interested in hearing about a new opportunity with your company, but they probably can’t answer a phone call to discuss the opportunity while at work. A text message can make potential new employees feel comfortable, and it’s a secure way for an individual to communicate without anyone else finding out what they are doing.



Text Messaging is Faster for Recruiting


Emails can take days for a recipient to even see them, and phone calls can go ignored for weeks. When you want to reach a wide demographic of potential employees, text messaging is going to reach the widest audience. It’s a faster way to contact people, as the majority of text messages are read within minutes. Once an initial text is sent, the potential candidate may respond immediately to show their interest. Text messaging is a beneficial tool for communication, and this can greatly improve your ability to attract the most qualified candidates for a position.

When you are focused on your recruitment efforts, boosting communication is paramount. When you implement the ability to text message recruits, you are opening up a line of communication that works for everyone. Text messaging is fast, easy to use, and can help build a solid relationship between a business and potential talent quickly.



Author Biography:

Ken Rhie


Ken Rhie is the CEO of Trumpia, which earned a reputation as the most complete SMS solution including user-friendly user interface and API for mobile engagement, Smart Targeting, advanced automation, enterprise, and cross-channel features for both mass texting and landline texting use cases. Mr. Rhie holds an MBA degree from Harvard Business School. He has over 30 years of experience in the software, internet, and mobile communications industries.

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