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Tag: personal branding

Exercise to explore your professional self

  Creating a brand for oneself is no longer exclusive for corporations or musiciansโ€“ anyone of us can shape up our personal brand and concretely showcase our skills and passions.…
February 7, 2017

Find Out the Way to Change Your Career

Some years back I was genuinely excited to sit in the classroom and discuss Cold War, most important treaties, hand in papers on gerrymandering and practice talking in a negotiation.…
November 11, 2016

Professionalism Is Great, but Please Donโ€™t Be Boring!

At the moment, I am in a phase of life where most of my friends have recently or are soon graduating and moving to the work life. Aiming high, but…
October 13, 2016

Personal Branding – How To Sell Yourself

    One of the most common Finnish stereotypes is our modesty.   (more…)
September 28, 2016

How to Build Yourself a Reputation of a Professional?

Personal brand is the label of you โ€“ how others perceive and categorize you. You can affect it significantly by considering the way you communicate and present yourself. IT industry…
August 8, 2016