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Event for Developers – Level Up Or Lose

On October 3rd we had our third tech event for developers here in Helsinki. This time, the event was focused on game and mobile development, and fitting for the theme,…
November 15, 2016

Agile Search Tech Events: โ€œBack-End Development Trendsโ€ summary

Last week, on the 25th of May, we were excited to welcome a great crowd of senior back-end developers and companies working with leading technologies to join us to discuss…
June 2, 2016

Why Go to an IT Recruitment Event As a Company Representative

  Reason for a company representative should be quite straightforward - to bring forth knowledge about your company and that you are actively looking for new talent. You never know…
May 4, 2016

The Speeches We are Looking Forward to at SLUSH15

  As the hype for SLUSH15 is growing and people are excited to see many interesting speeches and presentations we took a pick of our favourites to help you choose…
November 9, 2015

Reflections from Simon Sinek at NB Forum 2015Reflections from Simon Sinek at NBForum 2015Reflections from Simon Sinek at NBForum 2015

  Besides having great public speaking abilities, Simon Sinekโ€™s message is really inspiring and something worth sharing with everyone, be they employees, leaders and/or business owners. You can watch his…
October 8, 2015

Nordic Business Forum after a year of 20-mile marches

  Last year in the Nordic Business Forum, Jim Collins spoke about the importance of going on a journey full of 20-mile marches. The inspiration came from the first two…
September 30, 2015

3 Key Reasons I Go to Startup Events

  Why I go to startup events, or to any event at all for that matter? A while ago I went to an event when Finland was playing in the…
July 13, 2015