State of Full-stack in Helsinki

Wednesday was an especially exciting day for us, as we held our very first completely own event in Helsinki. The event was built around the theme of full-stack and we…
March 4, 2016

How You Can Benefit from Digital Recruitment

What is digital recruitment? These days you can say that it is all about being present as an employer so applicants can easily find you. The main purpose for you,…
March 2, 2016

What Are the General Recruitment Channels in Finland?

How to find a job in Finland? This was my first question, when I moved to Finland and I guess I am not the only one who had this question…
February 26, 2016

Why CV Training Isn’t a Bad Idea

Surprisingly many people don’t know how to create a good CV, nor see the importance of it. As a recruiter, I can say that it can be very important. In…
February 24, 2016

Tips and Tricks for a Kickass CV

Recruiters overall have about 3-10 seconds to look at your CV and to decide whether they want to continue the discussion with you. No matter how great substance you have,…
February 23, 2016

Facebook as a Social Channel to Find a Job in Nordics

In this blog post, I will be covering on how you can use Facebook as a social channel to find a job in Nordics. It might not have crossed your…
February 17, 2016

Why You Should Be Attending Recruitment IT Events

As an IT talent, you might think, oh great! another recruitment IT event... where companies will be talking how great they are, that you should apply online and they will…
February 15, 2016

Twitter as a Social Channel to Find a Job in Nordics

How to use Twitter as a social channel to find a job in Nordics. There are plus and minuses as goes with each platform. Strongest for Twitter is that it…
February 10, 2016

Top 10 Interview Tips for Developers in the Nordics

Interviewing for a new job can always be nerve-wracking and stressful. Having an action plan can be very helpful; here are ten tips on how to ace your interview. (more…)
February 4, 2016