Top 10 Interview Tips for Developers in the Nordics

Interviewing for a new job can always be nerve-wracking and stressful. Having an action plan can be very helpful; here are ten tips on how to ace your interview. (more…)
February 4, 2016

LinkedIn as a Social Channel to Find a Job in the Nordics

  There are many ways to find a new job. For some people working in the IT industry, jobs even tend to get thrown at them, which can be both…
February 2, 2016

10 Tips for Being a Successful Candidate in Finland

  How can you be a successful candidate in Finland and land that career-defining dream job? How can you navigate through companies’ recruitment processes, and stay on top of their…
February 1, 2016

How to Use Snapchat as a Recruitment Tool

  Snapchat is a photo & video messaging software that is rising in popularity all the time. The company worth 16 billion dollars is not a joke anymore and top…
December 10, 2015

How to Use Social Media to Find a Job

  Social media is a really powerful tool nowadays. You can find absolutely anything there, including your new job! Almost every company has Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account. Through these…
November 23, 2015

Time Consuming Process of Finding a Job

  Have you ever wondered, why does it always take so long time to find a job? Personally, I was really frustrated in the beginning of my career. Of course,…
November 17, 2015

The Speeches We are Looking Forward to at SLUSH15

  As the hype for SLUSH15 is growing and people are excited to see many interesting speeches and presentations we took a pick of our favourites to help you choose…
November 9, 2015

6 Ways to Network as an Introvert at SLUSH

  We have collected tips and hints for you on how to make networking as easy as possible for you. I am myself partially struggling at events as well, so…
November 3, 2015

Startups and Challenges in Recruitment

  Time is the most crucial of the resources a startup founder has. You have to be careful where you spend it and how you prioritize it. One of the…
October 28, 2015